Be SMART About Your Goal Setting

Doug Thorpe
15 min readNov 29, 2021
SMART goal setting for new year

Be SMART About Your Goal Setting

December 15, 2020 by Doug Thorpe

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Who is this SMART Goal Setting Guide for?

Whether you’re interested in goal setting tips for you, your business, or to gain a deeper understanding of goal setting to help your clients, this SMART goal setting & Action Planning GUIDE can help.

Starting with an overview of the SMART Acronym and a helpful SMART graphic, this guide goes deeply into each element of SMART goal setting. It includes examples and more to help both you and your clients set well-rounded and SMART Goals and Actions!

So, What is a SMART Goal?

A SMART Goal is simply a goal where the SMART criteria have been met. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timebound. A SMART goal is also easier to achieve, and track progress for, because it’s well-rounded and clearly defined.

SMART Goals Stand For:

  • Specific (being clear and specific makes goals and actions easier to achieve — and start!)
  • Measurable (helps you know when a goal or action is complete and measure progress)
  • Actionable (ensures you have direct control over the actions needed to achieve the goal)
  • Realistic (avoid overwhelm and unnecessary stress and frustration by making the goal realistic)
  • Timebound (helps us stay focused and motivated, inspiring us with a date to work towards)

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